The Open House Features Movable Walls Which Ensure Privacy & Offer Access To Nature When Needed

The Open House Features Movable Walls Which Ensure Privacy & Offer Access To Nature When Needed

Designed by KWK Promes, the Open House is a new and upcoming German residence that not only embraces openness but also privacy. The home not only opens up to its surroundings but also provides privacy. The home is open as standard, but with the simple flick of a switch, walls will come ahead and shut off the house to curious eyes. The Open House was built as such since the site is often populated with visitors for social and sporting events.

Design: KWK Promes

The intent behind the Open House was to create a house where the owner can take in the surrounding forest, and immerse himself in nature, while also being able to close off the home when the site gets busy. The walls are long and curving and placed on small wheels, which will move through an electric motor once the button is pressed.

“The site near Bremen, where the house stands, usually is a quiet corner on the edge of the village at the interface with the forest,” said KWK Promes “However, periodically – due to sports events in the direct neighborhood – the area would fill up with casual people. The architects didn’t want a fence to limit interference with the character of this place and at the same time to preserve the natural migration of wild animals. The essence has therefore become to maintain everyday openness but with the possibility of using temporary closure in the most inconvenient moments.”

The Open House has been created for a family of two, and it occupies almost 2700 sq ft, including the garage. The home includes two bedrooms, a living room, a mezzanine area, a kitchen, and bathrooms, all placed within an open layout amped with generous glazing, creating a serene connection to the outside.

The exterior is influenced by the local architectural style, and it will feature whitewashed walls and a traditional thatched reed roof with custom openings at the top. These openings will ensure better ventilation throughout the home. All the power in the home will be supplied via solar panels, although we are not sure about their capacity.

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