This transparent Volkswagen ID 3 is born to rock Japanese night drifting scene

This transparent Volkswagen ID 3 is born to rock Japanese night drifting scene

It’s one thing seeing a transparent Nothing phone and completely another when it’s a car. Looking something straight out of the Marvel universe, this cool Volkswagen ID 3 EV is a custom sedan you don’t want to ride if you prefer privacy.

The car originally owned by a Chinese automobile influencer Dog Bro Fast Dog has been customized to have a see-through form achieved with modding that seems absolutely bonkers. It’s not every day that you come across a transparent car on the streets. To complete the distinct appeal of the VW ID 3, LED lighting has been put to good use.

Designer: Fast Dog

The Chinese automotive influencer draws his inspiration from the Nothing Phone (not surprising) which traversed normal conventions to create a mobile device that stands out from the crowd when it comes to pure form factor. The idea was good but executing it to achieve the desired look is another challenge altogether. Major sections of the vehicle were cut out including the door panels and plastic bumpers. They were replaced with vacuum-formed transparent plastic to achieve the see-through look of the clear acrylic panels.

The C-pillars and other structurally important parts of the frame were kept intact but etched with circuit boards and working computer fans to maintain the futuristic theme and aesthetics. Surprises don’t end there as the interiors are a cool little world on their own. The white theme carries the clean theme to the inside. There’s a racing seat for the driver and the passenger seat is replaced with a secondary battery for those extra 18 odd miles and feeding the power-hungry electronics.

The influencer has one more surprise in there, a PlayStation 5 console complete with a gaming setup including dual monitors, desks and an acrylic rack for all the peripherals in the rear section. The gaming setup is for real to enjoy as the influencer managed to fit a gaming chair in there too.

This is one of the craziest car modifications we’ve seen in a long time and the coolest without a doubt. A perfect show-stopper for the Japanese drifting scene in the dark hours!

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