Wood-encased computer adds a striking vintage touch to modern technology

Wood-encased computer adds a striking vintage touch to modern technology

The aesthetics of modern and futuristic technologies often revolve around hard metallic surfaces, straight lines and edges, and an almost inorganic characteristic, as if all the opposite qualities are considered antiquated or even medieval. Of course, design trends come and go and sometimes even come back, as proven by the retro craze that has gripped many industries, especially consumer electronics. Duality has always existed in many facets of human existence, but that doesn’t mean those seemingly contrary elements cannot work together. In fact, contrast is an important factor in creating a beautiful composition, and this combination of a desktop computer and natural wood offers one such expression that creates a unique atmosphere around what would normally be a nondescript machine, combining past and present, natural and artificial in a harmonious blend.

Designer: Keegan McNamara

They may be called “personal computers,” but the desktops and laptops of today sometimes feel more impersonal than paper notebooks and stationery. Part of it is due to the very design of these products, adhering to a language often considered sharp, harsh, cold, and distant. There is no shortage of attempts to soften that image, either with customization options or skins that give the semblance of more natural and organic materials like wood.

The Limited Edition Apollo Collection, however, is no faux wood. Utilizing genuine Walnut, Cherry, or Maple, these bespoke computers enclose three important parts of the device to create a striking visual that beautifully contrasts the straight-edged aesthetic of modern technology with the more organic shapes found in nature. It makes the PC not only truly personal but also personable, making it an art object as much as it is an electrical appliance.

The Apollo Collection computers come in three parts, with the keyboard housing the computer itself. A portable screen connects to the keyboard via a cable, while the third part, a magnetic screen stand, completes the configuration for a more typical desktop computer. If typical desktop computers came housed in wood, that is. Each part is made to order by hand, and it utilizes custom circuitry and a bespoke operating system to truly give the computer a unique feel.

Beyond the wooden materials, the design also adds details that not only enhance the computing experience but also add a bit of humanity to the use of the computer via more tactile feedback. Unsurprisingly, the keyboard utilizes mechanical switches, but there are also physical dials for adjusting the volume and brightness of the computer. The exact specs of the computer are, at the moment, not completely known, but the limited edition bespoke design’s true appeal won’t be in its computing power but in its ability to create a new kind of relationship between man and machine.

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