The Freedom Tiny House Is Designed For A Simple Stripped-Down Micro-Living Experience

The Freedom Tiny House Is Designed For A Simple Stripped-Down Micro-Living Experience

Called the Freedom Tiny Home, this simple little house features a compact footprint and an open interior layout – all placed on one level. This tiny home plays upon the simple lifestyle of micro-homes, to create a version that is even more subtle and stripped-down. Although, it must be noted that it isn’t a good pick for families, and is more suitable for those who travel regularly. The Freedom House can also be utilized as a guesthouse. It is designed by Australia’s Lusk Tiny Homes and is also called Freedom 6m.

Designer: Lusk Tiny Homes

It is founded on a double-axle trailer and features an understated steel or wooden exterior. The exterior is integrated with generous glazing, allowing natural light to generously stream inside. The walls and ceilings of the home have been finished in birch plywood or tongue, and groove paneling. The tiny home’s length is 6 m, which is the same length as Baluchon’s Mirasol tiny home. But while Mirasol is equipped with as many amenities possible in a small space, this tiny home is quite simple, amped with airy spaces and a high ceiling.

Much of Freedom’s floorspace is occupied by a large central kitchen unit, containing custom cabinetry finished in fingerprint-resistant laminate and a lot of counter space. The kitchen also includes a sink, small fridge, microwave, and storage. It features a ceiling fan as well which keeps the space cool. The bedroom area is located next to the kitchen, and it doesn’t have any separation from the living area. Heavy curtains can be installed to offer some privacy though. But the lack of separation also offers easier access than most of the typical loft-style bedrooms we see in tiny homes.

The other end of the house features a small bathroom that can be entered via a sliding door. The bathroom includes a shower, vanity sink, and a flushing or composting toilet – according to the owner’s preference. The Freedom tiny home is priced at around US$100,000.

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