This All-in-one Universal Remote lets you control your entire Smart Home without Alexa, Google, or Siri

This All-in-one Universal Remote lets you control your entire Smart Home without Alexa, Google, or Siri

Isn’t it funny that somehow we went from universal remotes in the early 2000s to suddenly having these complicated hubs to connect all the devices in our smart homes? I won’t lie but talking to a hub isn’t as great as it promised to be. It’s a lot easier to point a remote at something and press a button than to tell Alexa to reduce the volume of music or raise the temperature of the AC… and while Amazon, Google, Apple, and the like just think hubs are the answer, one company is reverting back to the remote days. The Haptique RS90 is perhaps the world’s first universal remote controller designed to operate practically any wireless or smart device you’ve got around you. It uses a combination of infrared, WiFi, and Bluetooth to interface with devices around your house from smart TVs to Bluetooth speakers, ACs, soundbars, projectors, air purifiers, and even your PS5. You don’t need to talk to a hub, and better still, you don’t need to install twenty apps on your phone to manage multiple devices around your house.

Designer: Cantata

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The Haptique RS90 departs from the clunky look of traditional universal remotes. Instead, it takes on the shape of a smartphone, albeit with physical controls along with a 3.2-inch touchscreen. This display serves as the central hub for navigating menus, controlling smart home features, and even watching tutorials. A well-curated set of essential buttons line the bottom, providing quick access to core functions like volume control, channel surfing, and playback options. This thoughtful blend of touch and physical controls caters to both those who prefer a tactile experience and users who want the ease of a touchscreen. The overall design of the RS90 sticks to a recognizable linear format of most remotes, which gives you a feeling of familiarity. Hold it and you intuitively know how to use it – there’s a minimal learning curve with the controls, and even less so with the touchscreen. The remote is sleek without being too sleek – it’s less likely to get lost, thanks to a tilted design that makes it impossible to slide in between sofa cushions. Simultaneously, the tilt allows the screen to face you when you’re holding the remote horizontally – a clever detail that ends up becoming the RS90’s defining iconic silhouette.

The Haptique RS90 isn’t just about controlling your TV – it aspires to be the central nervous system of your entire smart home. It boasts broad infrared (IR) compatibility, allowing it to command traditional TVs, projectors, sound systems, and more. But its true strength lies in its ability to connect with smart home devices too. The RS90 promises seamless integration with popular smart home interfaces like Philips Hue, Home Assistant, Tuya, Sonos, Zigbee, with Homey and Smart Things in the works. The remote can directly control popular streaming services like Netflix and Spotify, or devices like Apple TV and Amazon Fire Stick, eliminating the need to juggle multiple apps or even actual remotes. The list goes on, with integrations planned for Roku, and game consoles like the PS5 and Nvidia Shield too!

Tactile buttons (with backlights) provide a traditional remote control experience

With great power, as the saying goes, also comes great responsibility. Having a centralized remote for all your smart home gizmos also means needing to make sure your 12-year-old doesn’t go messing with devices around the house. The remote boasts fingerprint-based security, allowing you to pretty much lock it the way you would a smartphone (available in the higher-tier model). Aside from locking your remote, you can also personalize its UIs with macros and shortcuts (something even smartphone apps don’t let you do) to ensure that you have every possible command right under your fingertips. After all, nothing feels more frustrating than fumbling with a remote trying to figure out basic functions, right?

The Haptique RS90 arrives at a pivotal time in the smart home revolution. While it doesn’t currently support Matter, the new industry-wide standard for smart home communication, it demonstrates a clear understanding of the need for interconnectivity. Thankfully, the developers have indicated that Matter support is planned for future updates. This future-proofing ensures that the RS90 won’t become obsolete as the smart home landscape continues to evolve.

While discussing the battery life of a remote control seems pretty trivial, the RS90 is clearly more than your average remote control. Given how much functionality it packs, it also arms itself with a 2000mAh battery that keeps it going for days (the small screen helps reduce battery drain too). To charge your remote, the RS90 is also accompanied by a slick charging hub that lets you simply dock your controller when it needs a battery boost. This also means your remote is less likely to get lost because you aren’t carelessly leaving it around the house.

The Haptique RS90 ships in two variants – the regular RS90 itself with 1GB RAM, 2.4 GHz WiFi, Android 8.10.0, Bluetooth 4.1 (and BLE), and a Quad Core ARM chip. Alternatively, the higher-tier RS90x model ships with 2GB RAM, Dual-band WiFi, Android 12, Bluetooth 5.0 (and BLE), an Octa Core ARM chipset, and the fingerprint sensor to help you lock your remote. Personally, the RS90x just seems like a better future-proofed option, running newer OS on more powerful hardware. Smart homes aren’t going anywhere, in fact, they’re only going to expand. If hubs annoy you, it makes sense to own the best possible version of a universal smart remote that lasts you for years, doesn’t it? The RS90 starts at $257, while the RS90x has a starting price of $321. Both models come in silver and gun-metal grey options, and ship with the charging dock and USB-C cable included, along with a 3-year warranty.

Click Here to Buy Now: $257 (€240) Hurry, only 290 of 500 left. Raised over $490,000 USD.

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