Apple Watch X Leaks: 10th Anniversary Edition Rumored to Feature Larger Display and Magnetic Band

Apple Watch X Leaks: 10th Anniversary Edition Rumored to Feature Larger Display and Magnetic Band

Apple is gearing up to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its iconic wearable, and anticipation around the upcoming Apple Watch Series 10, or possibly Apple Watch X, is building. This milestone edition is rumored to bring significant updates and design enhancements, as suggested by recent leaks and renders from 91mobiles.

Designer: Apple

One of the most notable changes, as highlighted by 91mobiles, is the larger 2-inch display, the biggest ever on an Apple Watch. This new screen size is set to exceed the 1.93-inch display of the Apple Watch Ultra and the 1.7-inch display of the Apple Watch Series 9. According to the renders, the dimensions of the Series 10 are approximately 46 by 39.7 by 11.6 mm, making it larger than the Series 9 but still smaller than the Ultra.

Source Apple Watch Series 10 CAD render

Another intriguing rumor is the potential redesign of the band connection system. The Apple Watch Series 10 might introduce a new magnetic band attachment system, replacing the current slide-in mechanism. This change could free up valuable internal space, possibly allowing for a larger battery or additional components. However, the CAD renders from 91mobiles do not show clear evidence of this new band attachment system. If it does make its way into the final design, the magnetic connection could contribute to a thinner overall watch.

Source Apple Watch Series 10 CAD render

Despite these possible changes, the renders suggest that the Apple Watch Series 10 will maintain several familiar design elements. The iconic square display, digital crown, and side button appear to stay in their usual places. This consistency ensures that while the watch may evolve, it retains the recognizable aesthetic that has become synonymous with the Apple Watch brand.

Source Apple Watch Series 10 CAD render

Adding to the excitement, WWDC 2024 introduced several new features we look forward to seeing in the Apple Watch Series 10. One of the most anticipated is the enhanced mental health monitoring capabilities, which will offer users a more comprehensive view of their well-being. Another is the advanced sleep tracking feature, providing detailed insights and personalized recommendations for improving sleep quality.

The upcoming watchOS also promises better integration with Apple Fitness+, bringing more guided workouts and real-time metrics directly to the wrist. A redesigned Siri interface, now more intuitive and responsive, will make interacting with the watch easier and more efficient. Finally, the new low-power mode is expected to extend battery life significantly, a welcome improvement for users who rely on their watch throughout the day and night.

While these leaks and renders from 91mobiles provide an exciting glimpse into the potential features of the Apple Watch Series 10, it is essential to approach them with caution. The actual design and features will only be confirmed with the official announcement, expected to coincide with the launch of the iPhone 16 series in September.

As Apple continues to innovate and refine its wearable technology, the Apple Watch Series 10 promises to be a significant step forward. It will combine a larger display, potential new band attachment system, and familiar design elements with the exciting new features announced at WWDC 2024. Fans and users eagerly await the official reveal to see how these rumored enhancements will translate into the next generation of the Apple Watch.

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