Creative woodworking dad turn AI-renders into a timeless wooden car for his son

Creative woodworking dad turn AI-renders into a timeless wooden car for his son

Truong Van Dao of ND Woodworking is one of the most creative and loving dads you’ll ever meet. His tenacity for making wooden cars that are second to none speaks a lot of his passion. The Rolls-Royce Boat Tail brought to life in his wood workshop was one of the coolest gifts a father can give his toddler son. As my fellow editor rightly said in that article, the creation is undoubtedly “more valuable than a $28 million car can ever be!”

Now the super dad has created a unique wooden car right out of some sci-fi series plot. The idea initially generated from AI took shape as a real-life vehicle that is second to none. To me, this seems like the machine from the acclaimed novel Time Machine by H.G. Wells. The most amazing thing is the wooden vehicle’s attention to detail in design, and I’m completely in awe just looking at the thing.

Design: ND Woodworking Art

The inside of the big cogwheels makes up the cockpit section for the driver to maneuver this crazy looking four wheeler. The front wheels are the normal size, but real wheels even smaller, are given the appearance of big chunky wheels with design ingenuity. Functional mechanical parts are exposed making the DIY even more intricate. The initial phase involved creating the chassis out of a metal frame and then building the intricate woodwork for it. Mind you it took a lot of time to carve each section with hand, carving the wheels, mechanical levers and the curvaceous body. The power comes from the four onboard batteries with good torque to pull the thing forward. Top speed is kept very limited since Truong’s son will be driving this crazy contraption.

Every little detail is taken care of by the talented woodworking dad, right from the seating compartment, gearbox and input pedals to the cog-driven lever mechanism, taillights and concealing away the rear wheels. The snail-shell-like cockpit of the four-wheeler has neon lights to add an element of sci-fi. No matter where this vehicle goes – be it in the dark or broad daylight – it is going to catch eyeballs and garner appreciation from everyone simply because of the amount of effort and creativity put into the making.

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