Aman’s Latest Pop-Up Store In Thailand Is An Eco-Friendly, Modular Alternative To Heavy Construction

Aman’s Latest Pop-Up Store In Thailand Is An Eco-Friendly, Modular Alternative To Heavy Construction

The hospitality brand Aman commissioned an architectural firm called Luxury Frontiers to design an eco-friendly and sophisticated mobile retail concept to celebrate its 35th anniversary. Designed as a part of the anniversary celebrations, the Aman cabana pop-up shop will be opening up at Amanpuri, in Phuket, Thailand.  The resultant design is classic, elegant, and a subtle structure that can be assembled and disassembled at will.

Designer: Luxury Frontiers

The mobile pop-up shop is designed to be moved around in various Aman properties while capturing and representing the brand’s lovely and distinguished identity. Designed to look luxe, the cabana is pre-manufactured and can be easily and efficiently assembled and disassembled without 12 hours. No specialized equipment or niche skills are required to set up the store. This allows the store to be an easy project that can be shifted amongst different locations. As a trial, the store is first being set up in Amanpuri, and will then be moved to Amangiri in spring 2024, and Amanzoe in 2025. The roof design is interchangeable and will be swapped according to the varied geographical settings.

This exciting project enables Aman to display its product from a particular region in the same space, giving a unique experience that feels true to the brand. It will include items from Aman Essentials – luxurious skincare products, accessories, fragrances, and Italian leather bags. The cabana will offer the guests a one-of-a-kind experience that is special to the location they are visiting. It will give guests an opportunity to shop in the sun next to the water.

Besides being sophisticated and a true testament to Aman’s identity, the pop-up store is a modular project that is eco-friendly and non-invasive. It does not employ heavy construction, and in fact, minimizes the effects on its surroundings. This is a revolutionary and transformative solution targeted especially for accommodations such as resorts, camps, and lodges. The impact on the environment is reduced, while also paying attention to flexibility and modularity. Once the cabana is done being utilized as a store, it will be converted into a children’s play area or a dining pavilion.

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