NanoBrick’s E-Skin Anycolor is a low-energy color display set to revolutionize electronic paper

NanoBrick’s E-Skin Anycolor is a low-energy color display set to revolutionize electronic paper

Why do e-ink displays have to look the same old boring in grayscale hues? Can’t they come in other monochrome color options? NanoBrick has taken this challenge up and designed the E-Skin Anycolor which is based on their EDP technology. This innovation lets the user have the flexibility to get an E-Paper in any hue with the option of having a customizable size or form factor.

If the thought of a rollable or bendable display came up in your mind, you’re not alone. The next revolutionary piece of display technology destined to end up as a common man’s perk in a few years, could very well have a more budget-friendly option. That’s where the E-Skin Anycolor comes into play, especially in times when people are willing to take up the option of a minimalist phone. This peppy E-Ink display has a very low power consumption and can even work with NFC signals which is a big advantage for power-hungry gadgets.

Designer: NanoBrick

Going minimalistic with your digital world makes sense but if you get frustrated with the grayscale colors of the device it’ll only end up in more anxiety. That’s where the innovative tech comes into play thanks to its flexibility. It is much easier to mass manufacture than e-ink displays with a more complex production process. You can create them for large-scale displays, small gadgets, or high-efficiency minimalistic watches. Maintaining a good brightness level with less glare, even on the sunniest of days is also an advantage.

Nanobrick doesn’t want to stick to contemporary applications and wants the E-Skin Anycolor to turn any surface into a personalized canvas for display. For example, a personalized laptop cover, low-energy signboard, or office walls with live frames. The dynamic color transformation is achieved courtesy of the single nano-particles in the color dyes that are manipulated by applying small currents. The company wants to expand the usage of this new-age electronic paper to other applications as well with the IP-protected ingress.

There’s no word on the first expected consumer electronic or business application that’ll have the E-Skin Anycolor at its helm, but it surely will make similar display technologies obsolete.

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