Custom Lexus GX bakes oven fresh pizzas in the boot, comes with luxe appliances and exclusive Monogram interiors

Custom Lexus GX bakes oven fresh pizzas in the boot, comes with luxe appliances and exclusive Monogram interiors

2024 Lexus GX as a 7-seater off-road SUV has hit the right notes with the most critical reviewers after the official launch. The car carries forward the Japanese automaker’s promise of luxury with performance. To bring something unique to the world of a kitchen on wheels, Lexus has teamed up with GE’s Monogram (luxury appliance division) to fit a Smart Flush Heart Oven in the rear of the bossy car.

The luxury culinary experience on board this off-road SUV seems like an odd combination when we talk of practicality since the vehicle will tread inhospitable dirt tracks bouncing around. That though fades away quickly as soon as one lays eyes on the exquisite vehicle, inside out. The interiors are embellished with a stainless-steel, black, and brass color scheme, with gold badges, gold accents. That’s a good start for the adventure-oriented GX, but there’s a lot more, so read on.

Designer: Lexus and GE Monogam

The idea here is to convert the capable off-roader into a bespoke culinary experience on wheels” right from the moment you enter the vehicle, drive it and then take a break to eat some delicacies. Monogram doesn’t just stop at the rear, the whole interiors are done in the matching theme with dual-tone camel leather seats and door panel trims, complemented by the brass and titanium metal along with the Dekton slate stone accents. The interior has numerous luxury appliances and accessories to elevate the whole experience. According to Lexus, the one-off GX comes fitted with a rare heated ice press (between the rear seats) that makes spherical ice cubes.

What makes it a lip-smacking proposition is the boot having a Smart Flush Hearth Oven with a 30-inch display. The electric oven is custom-made to mimic the performance of a wood-fired brick oven to bake pizzas and other eatables. Of course, you’ll need something to drink along, so there are pressured fitted cutouts on the side panels to store wine, bourbon, glasses and bottle openers. To complement this, Monogram has fitted a bar complete with a bar kit, glassware, bitters and a folding cutting board. Other essentials like cutlery and trash bin are houses inside the truck for quick retrieval. Everything is finely trimmed with quilted leather and carpeting, with the addition of a Dekton slate stone countertop-like plating station.

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