Industrial era inspired café racer and e-scooter show the meaning of less is more

Industrial era inspired café racer and e-scooter show the meaning of less is more

Electric motorcycles and scooters are the way to go in an effort to control emissions. The market is ever expanding with versatile options for end users and the Belin Design Office’s duo of two-wheelers show us what an out-of-the-box design can result in. That’s without any compromise in functionality or aesthetics. Meet the Ekka M-1 Performance and CS-1 City Scooter having a modular design, wrapped in a unibody aluminum frame that is bended to achieve the boxy form of these two-wheelers.

The base frame is kept totally exposed without any plastic body panels to maintain the industrial look. There’s another benefit to this as the company doesn’t have to go through the manufacturing process of hot-forming for panels, hence, reducing the carbon footprint in the production. Shredding the extra weight means the electric two-wheelers have extended range as compared to other e-bikes.

Designer: Belin Design Office

The raw appeal of the two-wheelers is quite new to electric vehicles, still, the futuristic DNA is preserved to appeal to Gen-Z. The two electric rides have in-wheel motors, meaning there’s no need for a transmission, chains, clutch or belt. This means fewer parts to worry about maintenance, reduces the overall weight of the bikes, and makes them appear more refined. CS-1 City Scooter benefits the most from this as there’s increased space to carry belongings, or add modules for specific small cargo needs. The battery is placed under the rider’s feet, so there’s even more available space on the front.

Ekka M-1 Performance motorcycle is a beefier version of the two, prioritizing a café racer aesthetic. This bike is derived from Jean-Marie Floch’s Ludic’ valorization, with the fun element in the appearance and front-leaning rider position reiterating the fact. The aggressive positioning and the big chunky tires complement the raw persona of this racer. Thankfully the saddle on this café racer looks comfortable for long stints of driving, unlike other café racers that compromise on seating space as a more powerful drivetrain and engine take up the space.

Industrial era inspired café racer and e-scooter show the meaning of less is more

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