Toko Meeting Pod is a modular, flexible, beautiful office space

Toko Meeting Pod is a modular, flexible, beautiful office space

Most of my professional life has involved working in start-ups or small companies. And most of the time, our offices don’t have the regular cubicles and set-up you see in the corporate world. I’m thankful for that because just seeing those constricting environments already stifles my creativity. A lot of the smaller companies have learned to adapt more creative modular setups in their workspaces to give employees better working conditions.

Designer: Carl Gustav Magnusson

The Toko Meeting Pod is a modular system for offices that want to have a more unique and open space working environment. The way the basic structure is set up, it can become a regular working space for several people, a place where you can do meetings, a space where you can eat together, or maybe even all of the above at different times. It is also meant to be a freestanding design that you can relocate or reconfigure according to what you need at the moment.

The pod can be made from different combinations of materials like wood veneer, engineered wood, and wool felt panels. The wall structure also lets you have visual and acoustic separation while the textile-like properties lets light into the space and the acoustic panels also give you sound absorption for your meetings and conferences.

The Toko Meeting Pod also comes with integrated power and has build-in credenza storage and wall mounts so you can put monitors, whiteboards, shelving. The space can also accommodate tables and seating areas so it’s basically an affordable, sustainable, and flexible space that’s an alternative to the usual office design.

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