This LEGO Apple Store turns the company’s retail space into an adorably detailed brick diorama

This LEGO Apple Store turns the company’s retail space into an adorably detailed brick diorama

Complete with a massive white Apple logo on the front, glass facades, minimal interiors, a Genius Bar, and even tiny Apple products arranged across the display counters, this LEGO version of the Apple Store captures the minimal grandeur of the Cupertino tech company’s retail spaces. The brand may be well known for their cutting-edge products, but are masters of crafting awe-striking experience centers too. Built by seasoned brick expert ‘legotruman’ in collaboration with 2A2A, the LEGO Apple Store is a 1539-brick marvel that does true justice to its original. It comes with white interiors, glass facades, landscaping, eye-catching details, and enough easter eggs and products to keep a fan-boy entertained (from the iconic iMac G3 of the Steve Jobs era, to even the Vision Pro, which completes its 1st anniversary today!)

Designers: legotruman & 2A2A

The LEGO Apple Store is a two-storey marvel featuring all of the company’s greatest product launches under one single roof. “Both the Apple brand and LEGO celebrates beauty and creativity, the principles and image of the two brands are a great match,” designer legotruman rightfully says. The final model isn’t based on any specific retail outlet, but rather is an amalgamation of multiple outlets’ core design philosophies. The result is something that seems familiar, with floor-to-ceiling glass panels that let you see inside the store, a white Apple logo on the front that lets people know it’s an Apple Store, and minimal interiors that let the products, posters, and display units stand out and grab eyeballs.

The design features a removable top as well as a removable front facade, letting you access the minifigures and pieces inside to arrange them how you see fit. The LEGO Apple Store comes with Geniuses in blue shirts as well as customers, creating a vibrant atmosphere inside the outlet. Multiple counters have all of Apple’s products from iMacs and MacBooks to iPhones. Look to the wall and you’ll see boxes of Apple products waiting to be sold, and AirPods Max headphones arranged decoratively to attract people.

Every part of the store’s design has something to show. The front offers a glimpse into the store, while the top features a massive black Apple Logo. On the left, a staircase guides minifigures to the upper level (where the Genius Bar is usually located), while the right has ficus trees as seen in many Apple stores. Flip over to the back and you’ve got a hidden hatch where legotruman put a few other Apple products on display, capturing the company’s history over the past twenty-five years. You’ve got an iMac G3, and iPod Classic, AirPods, an Apple Watch, and a Vision Pro, all designed out of LEGO bricks and arranged on a horizontal platform at the back of the LEGO build.

The inside of the store feels unmistakably Apple-like. Every detail brings back memories of actual stores, from the long tables with products on them, to the colorful posters and wall-art that are a signature element of Apple’s retail spaces. You’ll see all sorts of easter eggs around the build, keeping you entertained and constantly engrossed. Like every LEGO build, you do have the ability to customize the space too, moving stuff around and even adding new elements to the store.

legotruman and 2A2A’s MOC (My Own Creation) maxes out at an impressive 1539 bricks, making it a relatively complex build. The entire kit, when complete, measures 16.1-inches wide, 10.1 inches deep, and 6 inches tall. legotruman mentions that you can add this build to your LEGO city, bringing an iconic landmark to your brick-based neighborhood.

The LEGO Apple Store is currently a submission on the LEGO Ideas forum, an open space for creators to submit their own brick-builds. The community then votes for their favorite creations, following which the LEGO internal team reviews the submission before turning it into a buyable box-set. This particular fan-made creation currently stands at an impressive 4,730 votes, and if you want to vote for it too, just head down to the LEGO Ideas website and cast your vote!

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