Polestar HAMMER x Hot Wheels is a sharp muscle car that deserves a real life rendition

This year’s Polestar Design Contest 2024 is themed on unconstrained dreams inspired by nostalgic aspirations. Out of the numerous entries, the winner will have the opportunity to get their design recreated as a 1:64 Hot Wheels version. Yes, a purchasable Hot Wheels Polestar that’ll adorn the living room shelves and desk space of many enthusiasts.

Out of the finalized designs, the ones that impressed me the most are the Polestar Legacy by Robinson Mancaux, Polestar RoboToyRace by Anton Kulakov, Polestar Barchetta by Travis Yang, Polestar Crocus by Trystan Malbranque and Polestar LNR Space Runner Anand Namboodiri. That said we’ll not talk about any one of them here, because there’s one Polestar Hot Wheels design that didn’t make it to the final cut but gets my vote for the winner’s podium.

Designer: Siddhartha Dutt

This is the HAMMER Hot Wheels x Polestar that stays within the imaginative realm while still being futuristic looking. Imagining this as a Hot Wheels version is even more erotic. Inspired by Thor’s mighty weapon Mjölnir, this electric muscle car envisioned for Polestar comes with a booming performance platform that’s good enough for a real-life muscle car. Even though it’s a scaled-down version of a concept electric muscle fusion vehicle, the temptation to ride someday is undulating.

The typical Hot Wheels design on the front sets the tone for the sharp design aesthetics that follow aerodynamically to the rear. No curves here, indicating a futuristic DNA meant for the pure fun of driving on freeways. The designer keeps things toned down as far as stuffing muscle on the sides and the rear section goes. Still, he has managed to extract a very intimidating character out of this Hot Wheels. The wheels and the rims radiate a matching theme that’s highlighted by the silver and matte black inserts.

Just have a look at these renders that have a semblance of the Night Rider vehicle (a modified 1982 Pontiac Trans Am) but with a modern sharp appeal. Should this be just another concept that fades away or do you vouch for it to come to life one day?

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