The ADATA XPG Invader X boasts a cyber-minimal design backed by eco-friendly recycled materials

With its retropunk fishtank design and a few design awards under its belt, the ADATA XPG Invader X immediately grabbed our fancy at Computex 2024. A cool-looking gaming PC chassis no doubt, the Invader X also scored major points for its ESG-compliant design that uses post-consumer recycled plastic to be cutting-edge yet sustainable. Crafted with eco-friendly materials, The XPG Invader X’s design minimizes waste by allowing for easy upgrades. Pre-installed, eco-friendly fans utilize innovative reverse spinning technology to prevent heat buildup, maximizing airflow and maintaining optimal system temperature.

Designer: ADATA

Beyond aesthetics, the Invader X boasts features to keep your high-performance system cool. It comes pre-installed with five ARGB fans, with three in the front for intake and two reverse-flow fans in the back for exhaust. This airflow configuration helps maintain optimal temperatures, making the Invader X suitable for overclocking enthusiasts.

The case supports radiators up to 360mm in both the side and top positions, which means it can accommodate even the most powerful liquid cooling setups. Additionally, it boasts ample space for graphics cards up to 400mm in length.

A unique feature of the Invader X is its compatibility with the new BTF motherboard standard. This standard positions motherboard connectors on the underside, contributing to the clean, uncluttered look and keeping cables hidden from view. For those using traditional motherboards, the Invader X offers ample space for cable management with pre-installed straps and strategically placed cutouts.

For those who prefer a vertical GPU presentation, the XPG Invader X includes a dedicated GPU holder and a high-quality 180mm PCIe Gen 4 riser cable.

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