This Unique Crystal-Shaped Cabin Is As Easy To Assemble As A ‘Game Of LEGO’

Dubbed the Sprite Cabin, this sustainable cabin in the Fragrant Lake of Huanggang City, China is located next to the Inner Lake Peninsula in the midst of a charming bamboo forest. The cabin was designed by Wiki World and it intends to minimize the impact on the environment. The cabin is essentially a crystal-like structure amped with three peaked volumes which form a cozy yet modern hut-like appearance. “The design of the Sprite Cabin is inspired by the idea of crystals,”  said Mu Wei, Founder of Wiki World “In nature normally we can’t find artificial-like shaped geometries. But crystals are very special.”

Designer: Wiki World & Advanced Architecture Lab

The Sprite Cabin was constructed quite sustainably, and an effort was made to preserve the trees and vegetation on the site. The cabin was constructed without causing any kind of damage to the woodland. The different components of the chain were custom-designed utilizing digital technology. It is prefabricated off-site, and once it is delivered to the location, it can be constructed using an easy-to-follow assembly kit. The kit enables anyone to construct the structure even if they dont’ have any experience or building expertise.

The prefabricated laminated timber structure can be assembled on the site itself. It includes a hexagonal floor plan and has a light wood foundation, which is raised above the ground, to ensure a reduced footprint and impact. “It’s like making a full-scale LEGO game,” said Wei. “We numbered each part and workers can easily connect the metal profiles in the right way.”

The Sprite Cabin features a unique rustic patterned aesthetic, and irregular window openings accompanied by exterior wooden shingles which look like fish skin! The cabin also includes a single aluminum-plated facade which creates a reflection of the surrounding plants and vegetation, allowing the structure to harmoniously merge with the landscape. The cabin contains a master bedroom, bathroom, living area, combustion wood stove, and timber outdoor decking. Triangular openings in the cabin offer beautiful views of the river. An additional elevated bedroom is included in the highest structure of the three crystal-shaped buildings. This space can be accessed via a timber ladder and is an excellent space for the kids to play in.

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