Krug Expedition Bedrock XT2 off-road camper is ultimate partner for overlanding journeys in the US

Of course, when the best in the business come together the result is absolutely impressive. Add to that specifications and ideas cooked for a defined regional dominance and it is bound to have some waves riding its way. Case in point the new Bedrock XT2. It is made especially for the US and comes out as an impressive and luxurious truck home for the overland expeditions you will plan later in the year.

Coming back to the story lede, the Bedrock XT2 is the result of an amalgamation between two stalwarts – Krug Expedition and Artic Trucks – of their own device. The former, an Austrian business, brings decades of experience in building expedition-level trucks while the latter adds a spice of polar transportation to it, giving us an off-road camper that’s robust, comfortable, and spacious; name it and your wish will be granted.

Designer: KRUG Expedition and Artic Trucks

Designed to sit on the bed of the amazing AT44 XT2 Ford F-550, the Krug Expedition Bedrock XT2 off-road camper is positioned on a next-level suspension and chassis that’s made for reliability. To put that into perspective, the Artic Truck’s massive custom ride comes with a three-axle, 6×4 off-road drivetrain and eight-link air suspension so you are never left stranded in the middle of nowhere with a vehicle breakdown.

This home on the road meant to ride you back home without hesitation, sits on an 8.4m long base, and makes things really intriguing with the option of its removable living module. On the inside of this hard-shell, reinforced sandwich panels exterior of the gooseneck-like camper lies a space you can associate with road luxury. The insulated living area is dressed with a king-size bed, dining/sitting area that converts into an additional sleeping nook, a full-fledged bathroom with shower and water storage, and a high-octane L-shaped kitchen for cooks with a Nespresso coffee maker for a bean pod-like me.

On board the off-road camper is a 23kW hour battery, which draws power from the 1450W rooftop solar panel, and can power the pickup camper’s power requirement when the HVAC system stops/or is not running on diesel.  Besides the entertainment needs in-house are taken care of by a smart TV, connected to the Starlink internet, in the living section. As an add-on, the company can provide the Bedrock XT2 with a pullout outdoor kitchen, options for wood veneer finish, and leather upholstery for seating indoors.


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