This scorpion-inspired pickup truck has flexible bed configuration for hauling cargo

Pick-up trucks with cargo beds are great for hauling stuff, be it your adventure trips or city needs. That said, they are not one of the most fuel-efficient or range-efficient vehicles on the planet. Over the years the design of trucks with cargo beds has not changed. There are some problems with this under-evolved design lacking innovation, like load accessibility and damage induced due to shaking. Not to mention the limited space for the rear seat space due to the trunk size.

The 2030 Scorpion concept aims to solve this problem with an expansion form that proposes a new pickup truck frame design. Shaped like a scorpion or a mountain bike helmet, the vehicle has an optimized ratio of the overall lump, so that there is ample cargo space without any compromises in the rear seating configuration. The high ride height of the vehicle makes sure it can navigate any challenging terrain with ease. For me, this vehicle looks heavily inspired by the Rezvani Motors Vengeance bullet-proof vehicle.

Designer: Changhyun Lee

The bed of the ultra-futuristic yet monstrous truck is divided into two sections to make space for small cargo (or fit the divider depending on the size of the item) and can be laid flat down for a bigger configuration to haul larger cargo. The cover connected to the rail automatically moves depending on the size of the cargo to keep it snug in place, thus preventing any shaking.

2030 Scorpion has a unique front shape that narrows from the top to the bottom for a wider field of view and has a quadra lamp structure for a more direct driving experience. The rear-view mirrors double as radar sensors and the camera on the front identifies obstacles during off-roading or navigating tight urban spaces. The designer has also proposed a portable battery pack that can provide hybrid power to the vehicle or act as a power source for all the necessary gadgets during long trips.

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