Perched on SUV rooftop, HardTent can set up in seconds, keep you warm and dry all year round

We don’t usually come by rooftop tents with collapsible hard-body exterior. It’s not because manufacturers are not giving it heed – the truth is, we are seeing a few pop up every now and then – it is because the fabric exterior still remains a preferred choice for its wide variety of advantages including construction convenience, lightweight composition, and effortless packing and unpacking.

As iterated, some rooftop tent manufacturers are steadily aligning their allegiance with cleverly engineered materials to deliver hard-walled tents that ride well on top of your SUV. These tents have not found mass adoption yet for two reasons: they tend to add weight to the car’s ride and have a price tag almost twice of what a fabric-walled rooftop tent would cost. Unlike the traditional hard-wall tents, HardSider, is flipping the tide with HardTent: Rooftop tent designed specifically for SUV, which comes with a place to rest inside a robust wall protection offering sound insulation and protection against the elements at a fraction of the cost of any similar RTT in the category.

Designer: HardSider

HardSider, the company focused on ‘reigniting the deep connection between people and the great outdoors,’ has perfected the hard-walled rooftop tent with an origami-inspired pop-up mechanism featuring solid walls on all three sides (owing to its triangular open design). The hard-walled rooftop tent erects in seconds with all the walls lifting off the roof quickly and cleanly as a fabric-walled RTT. Its dual air intake system helps circulate fresh air throughout the interior, while a custom ladder is provided for access into the tent.

These properties are made possible because of its construction. The hard-walls of the HardTent are made from rigid honeycomb composite and provided with laminated waterproof insulation offering an all-season RTT to sit atop any compatible vehicle, preferably an SUV. To that accord, HardTent is sleek on the road and spacious when unfolded. Its interior has a full-size – 52 x 90 in – mattress with enough width to sleep a couple and still have some length for a furry companion to accommodate. And your SUV would barely feel the difference (with this RTT), opening up many new opportunities for you to explore.

Measuring a good 96 inches in length, the HardSider’s rooftop tent is only 7 inches tall when closed. Its low profile makes driving with this 200 lb RTT effortless for the SUV or any compatible vehicle that can handle the weight. And when you decide to change your vehicle, the HardTent rooftop tent can uninstall and move to your new ride. All this for an asking price of only $6,000, which is pricier than the canvas walled counterparts, but conveniently priced otherwise in its own category.

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