LEGO Mercedes G Wagon and SL63 convertible roadster arriving in June for an irresistible price

LEGO and cool cars have a long-standing relationship that gravitates toward kids as well as grown-ups. The Speed Champions Sets address the craving for every generation to build their loved cars from scratch in LEGO form. The LEGO Mercedes-AMG W14 F1 car is one of my favorite because I love the sport so much.

The number of sets available for every kind of motorhead is increasing in this collection and the Mercedes brand keeps calling us back to the LEGO world. The German automaker has revealed the LEGO version of two of its most acclaimed cars for speed enthusiasts and avid off-roaders. Yes, I’m talking about the AMG 63 G-Wagon SUV and the AMG SL63 convertible roadster. The kit can be ordered June 1 onwards for a price of $50 which is an absolute steal if you are a collector.

Designer: LEGO

The two performance cars come in a kit with 2 driver minifigures as a part of the LEGO Speed Champions line. Combined the two cars have a total of 808 pieces that when put together for weekend fun, turn into the G Wagon in black and the SL 63 roadster in yellow. Of course, the color distinction will help you out in separating the pieces if you happen to mix them up. The LEGO car models boast authentic design details adapted from real-life models. Attention to detail has been paid to the front grilles, hoods and interiors complete in the Mercedes livery.

This pack comes with the printed building instructions if you want to go old school, or via the app that’ll guide you step-by-step to bring the G Wagon and convertible roadster to life. Since there are two cars in the set, the size of each one is a bit smaller than the other individual Speed Champions collection. Standing tall at 2.5 inches the AMG G 63 LEGO car measures 7 inches long and 3 inches wide. Parked on your living room shelf or the geeky desk, these two LEGO collectibles could be easily mistaken for a toy car but you know the deeper truth!

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