NFS-inspired DAB 1 Alpha electric bike touts a recyclable battery and wireless charger

NFS-inspired DAB 1 Alpha electric bike touts a recyclable battery and wireless charger

DAB Motors has slowly emerged into the industry from its French roots, and now challenges the arena with a new electric two-wheeler. The Concept-E we saw a couple of years ago as a prototype, has finally graduated into a production-ready version, the DAB 1α motorbike. This final version matches (or even betters) the initial design and the technical specs proposed initially for the electric bike.

The brand was bought by Peugeot Motorcycles in 2023, and the developmental path has resulted in this model being inspired by the BMX culture, video games, Sci-Fi world and trail bikes. It took almost five years to bring the electric bike from the concept stage to production. For early adopters, the first batch of 400 limited edition units will come with unique design elements.

Designer: DAB Motors

DAB 1α is completely built at the Bayonne design studio and manufactured in the Beaulieu-Mandeure. The inclusion of retro gaming elements like the blue Nitro button inspired by the NFS franchise, adds spice to this future-forward ride. The company is touting a top speed of 130 km/h, most of which is attributed to its lightweight 125 kg body. Of course, all the gears and clutch are gone, so that you just press the throttle and focus ahead on the road. The bike is practical for use as it can be charged via a normal socket or a Type 2 charging port.

For the rider’s user experience, the 2.8-inch LCD screen displays important riding information. There’s respectable storage space in the  3.4-liter glove compartment, and buyers can choose to install a wireless charger designed in collaboration with Quadlock. To make sure the bike is futureproof, the company has fitted it with a powertrain mated to a fully recyclable and dismountable recyclable battery.

The inclusion of back pegs shows DAB Motors’ considerate attention to detail for the pillion. Coming on to the unique design elements, the numbered gold plate on the handlebar, handcrafted Alcantara seat, and subtle graphics make sure your DAB 1α stands out in the crowd. It’s worth mentioning the golden suspensions are designed in collaboration with Paioli and the forged carbon parts upcycled from Airbus carbon fiber. As seen form the visuals, the brake calipers are designed by Brembo, and the mated ABS braking system comes from the inhouse Peugeot Motocycles and DAB Motors’s brake disks.

DAB 1α which looks perfect for millennials, Gen-Z and everyone in between is available right now for reservations. The gearless electric bike is available in W-White or MGT-Grey color variants, and if you want to buy one, now is the right time.


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