Baluchon’s Latest Modern Tiny Trailer Home Has A Quaint And Ingenious Space-Saving Layout

Baluchon’s beautiful Scandinavian-inspired Sauvage model from 2022, inspired a couple to purchase their own little tiny home along the same lines. The couple commissioned Baluchon to create the ‘Sherpa’ – a cozy tiny home with a modern exterior, and a clever space-saving interior layout that can accommodate two people, as well as a pair of guests. The Sherpa is founded on a double-axle trailer and features a length of 20 feet, which is a length typically seen in France.

Designer: Baluchon

The 20-foot Sherpa is small compared to North American tiny homes which are much larger. In France, due to the strict towing laws, the homes tend to be pretty small. The exterior of the home is unique, and stands out from most cottage-style tiny homes, as it features red cedar, aluminum accenting, and some not-so-ordinary window placement. The interior of the house is accentuated by a high ceiling and generous glazing. The walls feature a spruce finish, and the entrance leads to the comfy living room which contains a sofa that can be transformed into a bed for guests, as well as some storage space.

The kitchen is adjacent to the living room, and it is quite basic. It is nothing fancy and is equipped with a two-burner propane-powered stove, a sink, as well as a small fridge. These common and not-so-luxurious kitchens are quite typically found in most of Baluchon’s models. The interior of the tiny house is flattered by its generous glazing and high ceiling. The walls are finished in spruce and the entrance opens onto the living room, which includes a sofa that turns into a bed for guests, plus there’s some storage space nearby. Near the kitchen is a dining table, that can be efficiently folded away into the wall when not in use. The table seats two people.

The opposite end of the house – to the living room, includes the bathroom. The bathroom is a spacious space, with a shower and toilet, however there is no sink. This implies that the residents will have to wash their hands in the kitchen sink, which isn’t a very hygienic option. The Sherpa accommodates one bedroom, which can be accessed via a storage-integrated staircase that is blessed with some wardrobe space, and under-step storage. The bedroom is a loft-style bedroom with a low ceiling  – as seen in most tiny homes. It includes a double bed and some storage as well.

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