This Tiny Home With An Elevating Bed Transforms Its Interior With The Push Of A Button

Called the Elevate tiny home, this unique tiny home by Canada’s Acorn Tiny Homes features a nifty interior layout with an elevating bed, in turn building a flexible room that functions as a bedroom, as well as a light-filled study area. It is always difficult to fit functional and comfy interiors into tiny homes, but Acorn Tiny Homes has truly done an exceptional job with the Elevate. The Elevate measures 24 feet in length and is founded on a double-axle.

Designer: Acorn Tiny Homes

The Elevate is powered by a standard RV-style hookup, and the home’s cozy interior is marked with IKEA cabinetry and closet, which were picked over custom units in an attempt to keep prices down. Most of the Elevate’s floor space is occupied by an open and light-filled study space and includes a desk and chair. But when it is time to sleep, the owner simply needs to push a button, and a comfy double bed is lowered down from a stowed position near the ceiling. This allows the space to transform into a bedroom. This system is operated using a pulley that elevates and lowers the bed on all four corners with the help of rails and an electric winch motor, which is mounted on the exterior of the home. Some curtains have also been attached to the pulley system, which offers privacy as the bed moves.

The remaining portion of the tiny home is arranged on the same floor. The kitchen is located next to the study area/bedroom, and it includes a fridge/freezer, microwave, sink, cabinetry, and an electric stovetop. It also contains a large mirrored storage unit. You can access the bathroom via a sliding door, and it is quite spacious for a tiny home. It occupies about 30% of the available floor space. The bathroom houses a shower topped by a skylight, as well as a sink and a toilet.

Elevate was designed when the resident was planning to attend law school abroad but had to cancel because of COVID-19 travel restrictions. Instead, he decided to study alone and required a private space at home to study, and this is when the Elevate tiny home came into existence.

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