These Pendant Lighting Designs Are Made From A Leather Alternative Derived From Plants

Something that designers have been focusing on when it comes to the arena of lighting is sustainability in their use of materials and different techniques. Pretty lighting designs that illuminate well can be found generously, but ones with a splash of sustainability aren’t always easy to come by. And even if you do find an eco-friendly one, they aren’t always the most visually pleasing ones on the market and can mess up your interior decor style. But this is where Spanish designer Ceci Ferrero has come to the rescue with his Couro collection, created for the handmade decor brand Let’s Pause.

Designer: Ceci Ferroro for Let’s Pause

Now what makes Ferroro’s Couro collection special? Well, these distinctive pendant lamps are made using a leather alternative derived from plants! The lighting range for Let’s Pause is crafted from couro – a leather-like material made from the dry waste leaves of American palm trees. The material has a unique translucent appearance which softly diffuses light, creating a wonderful and ethereal-looking effect.

The collection includes the Couro 8 Leafs lamp shade, where the leaves’ shapes are preserved, and artfully draped into a mesmerizing artichoke-esque arrangement, or in the words of Let’s Pause in an “elegant skirt of spikes”. According to the decor brand, the pendants will look stunning over a dining table or even at the entrance to a hotel, making it a perfect fit for personal and commercial spaces. The lighting designs can be hung in groups of varying heights or individually.

“The texture of the leaves, with their compact fibers, evokes aged leather and provides a unique tactile element,” said Let’s Pause. The shades are offered supported by a brown frame crafted from aluminum and paired with a black plug, and a 2.5 meter-long matte black cotton electric cord. The Couro collection has a natural look to it with a touch of wilderness that adds some personality to the pieces. They perfectly complement various interior decor styles, adding a spark of style and whimsical elegance to different spaces, whether it is your own living room or the reception area of your office.

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