LAYER Design and Deutsche Telekom unveil the future of communication devices

As a huge fan of science fiction content, from books to movies to TV shows, I am excited to see which things from what I’ve read and seen will come true one of these days. And with the advances in technology, a lot of them are not far-fetched ideas anymore. There are some things that may be scary or at least creepy but it’s still pretty interesting to see what we’ll see next which we thought were just works of science fiction before.

Designer: Layer Design for Deutsche Telekom

German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom recently unveiled the Concept T project which is a collection of advanced technology and gadget concepts that will show consumers what may be the future of communications. Concept View is a home hub with a twist: it has a 3D holographic AI-equipped virtual assistant called Emma to guide you through things like video calls and other digital world activities. It looks like a cross between a crystal ball and the Palantirs from Lord of the Rings but instead of showing you what the future holds, it will show you the future of technology.

A Wi-Fi router isn’t the sexiest gadget out there but Concept Level definitely makes it more interesting. It is a re-configurable router that is made up of different interchangeable, modular elements. The set includes a display unit, Wi-Fi sensing element, mesh repeater, and computational module for Web 3 use cases. The elements are designed using different geometric forms so it looks like you have interesting mini sculptures rather than an actual router.

Concept Buddy is your own personal robot at home, similar to the ones you see in malls and airports. It’s an AI-based digital assistant companion that is able to communicate through the “emotion and information display”. It is able to give reminders like taking medication and household chores and can also assist in calls, online shopping, and other tasks you may need assistance. It can even warn you of potential hazards and contact emergency services if needed. It is able to adapt to your routine and will only “come alive” when it is engaged with.

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