The 1,642 piece LEGO Mercedes-AMG W14 E Performance will arrive in March 2024

LEGO Technic has found a deep-rooted fancy for motorsports lately with the release of the McLaren F1 MP4 Ayrton Senna LEGO set and Speed Champions 2023 McLaren. Now the group has revealed the Mercedes-AMG W14 E Performance and a smaller pull-back version. The scaled replica of Lewis Hamilton’s 2023 Mercedes-AMG W14 F1 car is highly intricate and one to get for Formula-1 fans who follow the sport passionately.

The seven-time world champion sparked the interest of audiences worldwide with his domination at the pinnacle of motorsports for nearly a decade. This has earned the team millions of fans who come to witness the driving craft of Lewis and his machine. Sadly the team has tumbled from the top spot as Red Bull hit back with a flurry of wins but that doesn’t take anything away from the champion and his glory years. This LEGO set celebrates that winning spree and domination etched forever in the hearts of Mercedes fans.

Designer: LEGO Group

LEGO Technic is expanding its ever-growing collection of motorsports replicas with the Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance LEGO set. The 1/8 scale model can be built piece by piece from the individual 1,642 LEGO bricks to form the W14 measuring 13 cm tall, 63cm long and 26 cm wide. Symbolized by the black color to keep the carbon parts from being painted to reduce that minuscule amount of weight, the F1 car is crafted to the most fine details.

The see-through V6 engine has moving piston parts, a working steering wheel, suspensions, differential, slick tires (without the Pirelli branding) and a DRS rear wing to complete the build. The original livery in the form of stickers has been replicated on the bodywork, making it a very inviting final form if you love the Silver Arrows for what they are.

The LEGO set will be released on March 1, 2024, for interested buyers and I’m sure there will be many takers. Also, LEGO will release a smaller version for kids in a pull-back form to have maximum fun.

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