This Not-So-Tiny & Spacious Tiny Home Is Blessed With A Motorized Deck, Rooftop Terrace & Spiral Staircase

What I love about tiny homes these days is that they’re managing to get more and more spacious from within, without occupying too much space on the outside. This lovely little home called the Cascade Mini by TruForm Living is an example of such an ingenious tiny home. The Cascade Mini manages to squeeze in an impressive and generous amount of living space into a compact length of 38 meters. Besides being spacious, the tiny home also features a spiral staircase, that offers entry to a rooftop terrace. The ground floor of the home contains an enclosed porch area and deck as well!

Designer: TruForm Tiny

The Cascade Mini occupies 32.5 square meters, and visitors can enter the home via the main entrance, which leads them into the kitchen. The kitchen is the center of the home, and it includes a fridge, a small drawer-style dishwasher, a three-burner propane-powered stove, an oven, a sink and cabinetry, and a central movable kitchen island.

Next to the kitchen is the cozy living room which accommodates a sofa, small coffee table, and a fireplace. The living room leads to an enclosed porch which brings in a generous amount of light into the home, while also creating a pleasant and comfy place to sit in. The porch is also connected to the outdoor deck which is motorized and can be lowered into the desired position via a switch, or even raised if you need to tow the house somewhere else. The deck also includes a fire pit and some additional seating. Another key feature is the rooftop terrace which can be accessed through a spiral staircase on the outside. The terrace also includes a small fireplace and some seating.

The bedroom and bathroom are located next to each other. The bathroom includes a bathtub and a separate shower, which is rarely seen in tiny homes. It also includes a sink and a composting toilet. The bedroom has quite an unusual configuration for a tiny home, as it is located on the ground floor, and has quite a low ceiling, leaving sufficient space for a double bed and some shelving. The low ceiling also leaves space for a loft-based laundry room on top with a washing machine, a dryer, and some storage area as well.

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