Revolutionary coffee machine lets you make coffee exactly the way you want it

There might be jokes about being the golden brown fuel that runs the world, but coffee really has a special place in many people’s daily routines. Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone enjoys coffee in exactly the same way. There are people who are fine with quick instant coffee, much to the horror of connoisseurs, as long as they get their caffeine fix. Others, however, have developed very particular requirements to satisfy their taste buds as well. Different people also like different types of coffee, from espressos to drips to hot to cold, and sometimes even the same person likes different brews depending on their mood. It’s difficult to find one machine that can deliver all of those, especially for home use, but that’s exactly the kind of ground-breaking innovation that this revolutionary coffee machine offers, giving users full control over the brewing process so that they can have the coffee they want the way they want it.

Designer: Chris Chan

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KUKU Maker uses centrifugal force to generate pressure, which makes it possible to maintain a stable extraction pressure throughout the extraction process, regardless of the state of other parameters.

Baristas make it look too easy, but there’s actually a science and an art to brewing the perfect cup of joe. It’s not just the grind size that affects the way coffee tastes but also variables like water temperature, extraction pressure, and more. Your run-of-the-mill coffee machine usually only has one or a few presets for these in order to simplify the process, but that also takes out much of the fun and the power away from true-blooded coffee lovers.

You have the flexibility to use ice water or room temperature water directly for extraction, or you can employ KUKU Maker to swiftly heat room temperature water to your desired temperature before initiating the extraction process.

Enter KUKU, a genius design that lets you have consistent traditional coffee when you need it as well as easy, customized brews when you want it, all thanks to a combination of cyclic extraction and centrifugal force. That flexibility comes from KUKU’s ability to let you be in control of those variables, namely extraction pressure, temperature, time, and, of course, grind size. And best of all, you don’t need to adjust all of those when you don’t want to. For example, you can preset temperature and pressure while only adjusting the grind size to anywhere between superfine to extra course. And if you happened to select the wrong grind size, you aren’t punished but are instead rewarded with a new flavor you might have never discovered on your own.

Room Temperature Espresso

The KUKU Maker is a multifunctional coffee device that can quickly make not only cold-brew coffee but also cold-brew espresso.

Unlike other coffee machines, KUKU uses centrifugal force to generate pressure, and thanks to an inductive brushless motor and intelligent control algorithms, you can precisely define how that happens. Go from normal atmospheric pressure to high pressure or from 3000 to 7000 RPM speeds in a snap, controlling this variable to meet your preferred brew’s requirements. The temperature of the water used during extraction also has a significant impact not only on the taste of the coffee but also on the aroma, and KUKU gives you the freedom to use whatever kind of water you need. Pour crushed ice or ice water for your icy cold beverages or get room temperature water heated to your preferred levels. With electromagnetic induction heating, it takes less than a minute to heat 60ml of water for an espresso and 4 minutes for 300ml of water for an Americano.

With all these powerful features, it comes as a pleasant surprise that you don’t have to be a veteran barista to use KUKU. Your favorite type of coffee is just a single toggle switch away or, if you prefer the hands-free approach, a few taps on the KUKU mobile app. You can even download recipes from the app and try out different profiles made by coffee experts and champions. And at the end of the day, you don’t have to stress over the mess thanks to an easy cleaning process that will help keep your machine in tip-top shape with very little work. Whether your caffeine fix is a cold-brew espresso or you find joy in expertly crafted recipes, the innovative KUKU coffee machine gives you all the control you need for the perfect cup and the flexibility to experiment and discover a whole new world of flavor in every brew.

Click Here to Buy Now: $699 $1,399 ($700 off). Hurry, only 23/320 left! Raised over $500,000.

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