This absurd parody Apple Tractor concept heralds the future of agriculture!

This absurd parody Apple Tractor concept heralds the future of agriculture!

People deep in the Apple ecosystem have a very good reason not to look elsewhere. So, what if it goes beyond the ecosystem of your nerdy world? Level 2 autonomy Apple Car might still be way beyond the horizon, having painstakingly waited for more than a decade, with another hope of a 2028 release. So, what else a set of wheels could you think of including in the Apple bandwagon?

How about an Apple Tractor Pro mowing down your golden fields during the golden hours? Created by a fan as a concept, this design imbibes the good bits of the MacBook and iPad. If you see those relatable elements of the Apple Vision Pro, then you are not alone. The contoured body is well complimented by those Macbook’ish wheels and the light bars at the front will for a moment make you forget about the Apple Car. Those light bars as well as the tinted black upper cabin are designed to automatically light up in low light environments.

Designer: Sergiy Dvornytskyy

Of course, the thing is powered by an electric powertrain developed in collaboration with Foxconn/Monarch who are renowned for their MK-V electric tractor. The lightweight body frame looks to be crafted from more robust titanium material, but I’d prefer it to be crafted out of stainless steel as the Cybertruck is a good example of how tough car body frames can be.

Not only on the looks part but the technology aspect is taken care of as well in this outlandish concept. The farmers can control and monitor the Apple Tractor Pro right from the comfort of their homes using their Apple devices. All this is done with advanced sensors and in-built AI that knows what tasks to do autonomously. So, would you actually want to see something like this crawling in the vast expanse of an Apple fanboy’s estate?

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