This electric Pinnifarina hot rod boasts hubless wheels and aerodynamic design

This electric Pinnifarina hot rod boasts hubless wheels and aerodynamic design

Pininfarina has been at the forefront of future automotive trends influencing the steady design evolution of brands Ferrari, Alpha Romeo, Maserati and Peugeot. Having its roots as a coachbuilder for prancing horses, the Italian marque has personified luxury and elegance with customization dating back to the 1930s.

The in-house developed electric hypercar Pinnifarina Batista (a tribute to the owner) is a testament to that fact. Now, yet another concept proposed for the brand caught our attention. It’s a compact urban microcar targeted for people who are tech-savvy, health conscious and prefer a minimal lifestyle.

Designer: Kanishq Palav

This two-seater electric vehicle riding on hubless wheels and a high ride height has a very compact footprint to navigate crowded city sections with ease. Unlike some similar previous designs, this concept pokes the realms of practicality. The riders are encapsulated within the cockpit-like compartment to have an aerodynamically optimized shape for minimum drag.

In more ways than not this Pininfarina concept seems like a modernized hot rod ready for any drag race challenges. Of course, the electric motor can provide the needed torque for short sprints but if think it’ll beat anyone on the Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe track, you’ll be disappointed. Coming onto the swingarm suspension ensures easy turning and maneuverability at respectable speeds. The luxury compact mini car is made for short trips in the metropolis and the city limits.

That elevated rear section and the muted front section make it a treat to drive with a more than optimal view for the driver. This EV carries Pinnifarina’s signature design language in a clean hue that complements the aggressive yet classy stance, and it shows.

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